Fri frakt inom Sverige

From diving to nautical anchor bracelets

The Maris Sal® story began when Maria Johansson Bayindir, Swedish designer and scuba dive instructor, had had enough of inferior quality accessories which would not stand the test of the nautical environment in which she spent her days. 
Inspired by her father, a skilled goldsmith, she decided to create a range of superior quality, nautical bracelets, which would be the perfect companion for a nautical dream life. 

Giving back with every purchase

$1 per sold item is donated to the world's leading environmental organizations; World Wildlife Fund and Greenpeace, who work hard to protect our planet so we can safely pass her on to future generations.


"We create anchor bracelets keeping you
- Anchored to your dreams!"


 Our philosophy

“We believe in high standards.
Let them be your guiding lodestar
in every aspect of life; 

A compass helping you be the best
version of you; striving further and
staying on course. 

We believe in aiming high and 
sailing far, but most of all;
being the captain of your life
and staying anchored to your dreams.”