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Quality and Care

Highest quality materials
All products are tailor-made with the highest grade quality material available, including waterproof US Military grade rope and nautical cords.
The metal we use is solid 316L stainless steel which won´t oxidize or change color, it will stay shiny forever.
The fine metals we use for plating include 18k gold and rose gold, and solid 18k gold on specialty items. All of our plated pieces have a solid 316L stainless steel base, as we find it is the best metal to use to ensure day-to-day wear in, on and around the water.
All pieces in our collection are of course nickel-safe.

Fully waterproof
All items in our collection are 100% waterproof. Whatever you wear, you can shower, swim and sail in.
Our nautical bracelets are made of highest quality material, so they're something you can enjoy and wear where ever you go. No need to take your bracelet off for a swim in the ocean or a day out with the boat, they're meant to withstand salt water.
After all Maris Sal is Latin for sea salt …

Thoughtful packaging
Maris Sal Nautical products are beautifully detailed, inside and out.
Labels, cards and packaging are all originally designed to create a beautiful compliment to our items.
To inspire you to stay “anchored to your dreams” every order comes with a road-map to fill out and an art card with a motivational quote to hang on the wall or use as a bookmark.
The packaging helps convey our brand’s distinctive look and sense of style and reflects the quality of the product inside. 
We don’t use any plastic material and strive to use as much recycled material as possible.
Each item arrives ready for gift-giving in an eco-friendly box made in Denmark.

For years, Swedish style has crossed the seas and fascinated the whole world, starting with the first Scandinavian migrants boarding the transatlantic ships and venturing out in a pursue of a better life “over there”, to the high-quality boat brands still manufactured in Sweden today.
Maris Sal Nautical continues this great tradition of fashion and design.
Our office, located on Hönö island on the west-coast of Sweden - only a stone's throw from the ocean - is the heart of the design of our models. New products are ideated here every year, by our in-house designer with attention to detail and functionality, offering accessories of unmistakable Swedish style and quality.

Care instructions
Just rinse your accessories in freshwater after a dip in the ocean or the pool to get rid of the salt or pool chemicals.
The metal parts are best cleaned by wiping with a soft cloth. If you need to remove a stain from the cord use a moist soft tooth-brush and the smallest amount of mild soap to carefully brush it off.
Avoid wearing your cord bracelets to bed, since this may cause unnecessary wear on the cord.

Please note: Don't use an abrasive cleaning method, like silver or brass polish, for items that are gold-plated since this will remove the gold-plating. Our metal parts are made to last a very long time and the stainless steel won't oxidise/darken or change color if properly cared for.